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Simple CMS Demo

This is a demo of the most simple CMS (Content Management System) ever created.

There is no WYSIWYG editor to make life difficult but you will need to know some basic html.

The rationale is also simple, many businesses want websites they can update themselves without having to rely on, wait for, or pay for other people to do it for them. Learning html to build an entire website can be difficult for busy people, but with Simple CMS you can create pages with a couple of clicks and you can edit existing pages with almost no knowledge of html.

Another significant time saver is how fast Simple CMS is to administer. You don't need to search through the admin section to find a page and then edit it. You can simply log in, then as you browse the site you can simply click on the [edit] link and make any changes live on the page.

The default install of Simple CMS is just that, simple. But it can be expanded to include many different features. Want to add latest news and a news archive? Want to add a comment system to the site? Want to use a blog display on the homepage? Want to add or manage a list of services?

All of these things and more are easy to add to Simple CMS.

Key Features

Live Editing of Content

Edit content live on the site while logged in as admin. An edit link will appear below all editable content directly on the site when logged in as admin.

This will allow content to be edited live on the site.

Easy to Add Pages

Add new pages by simply typing in a new url. When you're logged in as admin, when you go to a page that does not exist, you will be asked whether you want to create it. Doing so will load the live editing page and you can create the new page directly on the site.

Simple Administration

The whole system is set up to do just what you need, and nothing more, making it the simplest CMS ever.

Many CMSs have complicated administration systems that can be difficult to use.

Blog Format

Flexible Formats

You can create a blog format on your homepage to feature the key services or products.

This format allows for different services to be featured in more detail. A big block of text on the homepage can be too much for users to read, but this allows for headings to grab attention, and additional details if users want more information.

These fields can be setup as required and the content can be edited when logged in.

Create More Interest

We can setup as many editable fields as you like on the homepage to create interest or get your visitors to visit more pages.

Users can find the important information on your site via the navigation section, and you can feature content on the homepage to get more visitors through to your other pages.

This site looks very blank, because we are keeping it clean and simple for demonstration purposes. Your website will be designed to your requirements.