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About Simple CMS

Overview (user)

Any content on the site can be edited live and in place once logged in as admin. This 'live editing' is enabled once logged in to admin at /admin.html on the domain. Any content on the site then has an [edit] link after it which enables editing of the site's pages. The content is saved in a database and is changed as soon as you click the submit changes button. It is not possible to go back to previous versions of the site. You can create any new pages by simply navigating to a new url, either directly or by creating a html link on a page and then browsing to it.

Overview (technical)

The CMS uses mod-rewrite to rewrite the urls to variables. The url can only contain a-z and 0-9 and -, so don't try to include any punctuation - this will result in an error. The urls should be as follows: word-word.html as you can't use underscores (_) or spaces ( ).


Login to admin then return to the site to edit content in 'live editing'. An [edit] link is visible to administrators when logged in that allows content to be edited.


Clicking the [edit] link will reload the page with a text area to allow editing. Editing must be done in html so use

tags at the start of paragraphs and

at the end of paragraphs. Any html code can be used including image references and styles.

For more information on hoe to use html to edit, click here

Vertical Navigation

The left navigation is controlled by the Manage Navigation link in admin when logged in. You can change the order, edit delete and add new menu items that appear in the vertical navigation.

Horizontal navigation should be hard coded in to the html of the site design as it is a design element - should have appropriate size and padding.

New Pages

New pages can be created by adding a link to them and then navigating to the new page. If you are logged in it will ask you if you want to create the new page. Clicking the link will reload the page with form elements for the h1 and page title (both will be the same) and for the content of the page. Clicking submit will create the page. The only characters that can be used in page names (urls) is a-z and 0-9 as well as dashes (-) instead of spaces.

Creating templates or skins

The site can be changed to look like anything you want, we can re-design a new look for your existing website or develop an all new design.